Spain better tan ever

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Published: Saturday 13, 2016: Russia 3 – Spain 7.

Spain claimed their seventh UEFA Futsal EURO title with a superb victory by a record margin in a final in ten editions.

The Key

Spain went into the finals without key attacking players like Sergio Lozano, Fernandao, Adri, and Aicardo yet were unstoppable with three players managing six goals -and of course their record haul today-. They took their chances in the first half and there was no way back for Russia.

Spain better tan ever

Spain have perhaps never been as dominant in any of their two FIFA Futsal World Cup or seven UEFA Futsal EURO triumphs. From Sedano at the back to pretty much everyone outfield, they all performed superbly, with Pola and Rivillos special revelations and Miguelin brilliant. Only once did they trail, very briefly, to Kazakbstan.

Not to be for Russia

Russia were never at their best in this tournament yet made a third straigt final. With Eder Lima available it might have been a different story against Spain, but in truth they fell short of their semi-final performance two years ago, which perhaps pushed their opponents to the heights they achieved tonight.

By Paul Saffer from Arena Belgrade 2016.