1st Youth Futsal Elite Tournament 2017

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This past October 20th-22nd Weekend Saskatoon Futsal League – S.F.L. held its “1st Youth Futsal Elite Tournament” and it was a massive success around 600 people (Parents and community) attended in three days. In total there were 21 participating teams across U11, U13 & U15, Boys and Girls Divisions and around 230 players and coaches, for example: Lakewood, TD Soccer, Saeta International FC, SUSC ACES, Athletic FC, Santos FC, Brazilian Belles, and FUSION 05. For the Futsal games was the involvement of the Referees who made the “Futsal Referee Refresher Clinic” in September 20th, 2017.

The championships were as follows:
U-11 Boys: SAETA F.C. Second Place: TD SOCCER ACADEMY.
U-11 Girls: SUSC ACES. Second Place: LAKEWOOD.
U-13 Boys: SAETA F.C. Second Place: TD SOCCER ACADEMY.
U-13 Girls: FUSION 05. Second Place: LAKEWOOD.
U-15 Boys: SAETA F.C. Second Place: SANTOS F.C.
U-15 Girls: SAETA F.C. Second Place: BRASILLIAN BELLES F.C.

Finally, what was even more exciting was to see the quality on display and the smiles and enjoyment of the players facing good competition and participating in fast paced games. The Youth Elite Futsal Tournament was essential to provide the community a new sport option that meets their expectations, use of the free time, and practice Futsal (FIFA) that helps children and youth people, to have more solidarity, friendly, and be respectful to the difference, and be better citizens. We are building intercultural spaces in our community in Saskatoon and Saskatchewan…the tournament was a resounding success in all aspects and this was possible to the financial contribution of Saskatchewan LOTTERIES.

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