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Saskatoon Futsal League – S.F.L. held a “Referee Futsal Refresher Clinic” at the “Family Soccer Court Sasktel Soccer Centre” on September 20th, 2017. Ten (10) Futsal Referees participated in this event and the Instructors were Len Chelack (Futsal Instructor of the Canadian Soccer Association) and Octavian Illiuta (Coordinator of Competitions and Referee Development of the SSA).
The course was an opportunity for our current Futsal certified referees to continue to learn and elevate their situational understanding and knowledge of the game. This in part as an opportunity to prepare for the upcoming events that the local Saskatoon Futsal League – S.F.L. is offering beginning with the 1st Youth Elite Futsal Tournament (U-11, U-13, and U-15, boys and girls), the Youth Elite Futsal Winter League, Adult Premier Futsal Winter League (Men and Women), and play along with the 2nd Futsal World Cup in December, 2017.
Octavian Illiuta spoke on the “importance on having these courses to continue to elevate the standard of futsal refereeing in the province”.
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1st Youth Futsal Elite Tournament 2017

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This past October 20th-22nd Weekend Saskatoon Futsal League – S.F.L. held its “1st Youth Futsal Elite Tournament” and it was a massive success around 600 people (Parents and community) attended in three days. In total there were 21 participating teams across U11, U13 & U15, Boys and Girls Divisions and around 230 players and coaches, for example: Lakewood, TD Soccer, Saeta International FC, SUSC ACES, Athletic FC, Santos FC, Brazilian Belles, and FUSION 05. For the Futsal games was the involvement of the Referees who made the “Futsal Referee Refresher Clinic” in September 20th, 2017.

The championships were as follows:
U-11 Boys: SAETA F.C. Second Place: TD SOCCER ACADEMY.
U-11 Girls: SUSC ACES. Second Place: LAKEWOOD.
U-13 Boys: SAETA F.C. Second Place: TD SOCCER ACADEMY.
U-13 Girls: FUSION 05. Second Place: LAKEWOOD.
U-15 Boys: SAETA F.C. Second Place: SANTOS F.C.
U-15 Girls: SAETA F.C. Second Place: BRASILLIAN BELLES F.C.

Finally, what was even more exciting was to see the quality on display and the smiles and enjoyment of the players facing good competition and participating in fast paced games. The Youth Elite Futsal Tournament was essential to provide the community a new sport option that meets their expectations, use of the free time, and practice Futsal (FIFA) that helps children and youth people, to have more solidarity, friendly, and be respectful to the difference, and be better citizens. We are building intercultural spaces in our community in Saskatoon and Saskatchewan…the tournament was a resounding success in all aspects and this was possible to the financial contribution of Saskatchewan LOTTERIES.

u 13 mall niños
u 15 saeta
u 11 saeta boys
td soccer u 13 niñas 1
lakewood u 13 niñas
td soccer u 13
lakewood u 15
brasillian u 15
u 15 nimas saeta
td soccer u 11 boys
u 15 mor
td soccer niñas u 11
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td soccer niñas
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Saskatoon Futsal League – SFL is pleased to announce its 1st Futsal Elite Youth Tournament. The purpose of this tournament is to create a fun environment for players to continue to develop their futsal skills and to continue to grow the culture and passion of futsal in Saskatoon. This tournament will follow FIFA Futsal Rules with 4 outfield players plus a GK.


  • U11 BOYS or GIRLS (6 TEAMS) – Born: 2007 & 2008
  • U13 BOYS (6 TEAMS) – Born: 2005 & 2006
  • U13 GIRLS (6 TEAMS) – Born: 2005 & 2006
  • U15 BOYS or Girls (6 Teams) – Born: 2003 & 2004

WHERE? Family Focus Court at Sasktel Soccer Centre

DATE OF TOURNAMENT? October 20-22nd, 2017


  • Friday: 5:30 -10:30 pm
  • Saturday: 8:45 am – 6:45 pm
  • Sunday: 8:45 am – 1:45 pm


  • U11 – $250.00
  • U13 – $300.00
  • U15 – $325.00


ROSTER SIZE: Maximum of 12 players


FEE DEADLINE: October 10th, 2017.

HOW TO REGISTER?  First, you must confirm your desired participation by emailing us back at After that, we will confirm your participation and we will request that you send the roster of your participating players. Deadline for Roster Submission is October 10th, 2017.

PRECOMPETITION MEETING: We will be having a pre-competition meeting with the accepted team delegates on Thursday October 19th at 7:30 pm at the Sasktel Soccer Centre. For out of city/province clubs, we will have a brief meeting on Friday October 20th.

For additional information, feel free to contact our league members at:

Thank you for your interest in futsal, and we look forward to seeing you on the court!

Saskatoon Futsal World Cup 2016

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campeon cup

This past weekend Dec. 16th-18th the Saskatoon Futsal League (SFL) held its 1st Futsal Mini World Cup at the Family Focus court of the Saskatoon SaskTel Soccer Centre. The tournament was a great success with 8 participating teams in: Morocco, Ukraine, Peru, Iraq, Canada, Nigeria, Romania and China.

Group A consisted of: Ukraine, Peru, Morocco & Iraq.
Group B consisted of: Nigeria, Romania, Canada & China.

Group B ended up being a very tight group with most games coming down to 2 or 3 goal differentials, and where the eventual finalists came out of this group. Canada and Nigeria were the teams to advance out of this group with a surprise China taking it to the last game to keep in suspense who would be the 2nd team to advance, but they eventually fell to Nigeria 5-3 in the last group game.

In group A, Ukraine dominated the competition finishing in 1st place with Peru coming in 2nd place.

The semifinals were set up with 2 very intriguing matches. Ukraine vs Nigeria was the clear heavy tilt and it didn’t disappoint. Nigeria jumped out to a commanding 3-0 lead before Ukraine started to make thing happen and brought the game back to 3-2. The last 5 minutes were very intense as Ukraine was pushing for the equalizer and Nigeria pushing for a more comfortable lead. Abumere Okonofua made some key saves in net for Nigeria and they finally were able to get 1 more assurance goal to end the game 4-2 and guarantee their passage to the Final.
The other semifinal Canada vs Peru on paper didn’t look as intriguing but it ended up being a very close contest. Canada led at halftime 2-0 and was dominating, with Peru’s goalkeeper keeping them in the game. The 2nd half was a very different story, Peru started to carry the play and managed to tie the game 2-2. Canada continued to create chances but couldn’t finish the game off until the last 3 minutes when they were able to capitalize on a counter attack and Marcos Henderson scored the eventual winner, and with this the Final was set up Canada vs Nigeria which promised to be a good game as they played each other in the round robin with Canada winning that match 5-4!

So the final was set, and this game didn’t disappoint! The atmosphere was great with a very good crowd on hand to watch the final. The game was a tactical battle with Canada deciding to drop and defend tight to prevent Nigeria’s counter attacks and speed as they had a much smaller bench due to injuries. On the other hand, Canada tried to take advantage of set-pieces and counter-attacks. Canada scored first of a set piece with Jerson Barandica cracking a shot to the top corner, and this is how the 1st half ended (1-0 Canada ). For the 2nd half, Canada continued to defend tight and Darko Hardi took advantage of two chances on counter attacks to extend the lead 3-0. The last 10 minutes it was the Alexander Dyachenko show! Nigeria came back with a vengeance and if it weren’t for the great saves of Dyachenko in net, this game couldn’t have been easily tied. The final whistle went and Canada were deserving Champions going undefeated through the tournament!

Top Scorer: Darko Hardi (Canada)

Best Goalie: Alexander Dyachenko (Canada)

Interesting Storylines:

We look forward to the 2017 Futsal World Cup where we will want to continue to expand to 12 teams and with a target date of early December for the tournament. For pictures, and more information on the tournament and what our Saskatoon Futsal League (SFL) is hoping to accomplish with Futsal in the Saskatoon Community follow us on facebook at ‘Saskatoon Futsal League´.

world 3
world 6 copia
world 13
world 14
world 15
world 16
world 9
world 10

2016 Saskatoon Futsal League – Youth Fall Futsal Finals.

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The SFL U-11 and U-13 division for both boys and girls were offered this year. The Youth League finals took place for this first year in Saskatoon at the Family Focus Court of the Sasktel Soccer Centre. The event was a success with over 100 people attending the games.

SAETA FC U-11 vs TD SOCCER ACADEMY. The first Futsal final match featured Saeta FC U-11 at the facing off against TD Soccer Academy. The game was very well played from both sides that exhibited a fast paced, and technical game with plenty of exciting combination plays that got the fans on their toes. The scored ended 6-2 for TD Soccer Academy. Adrian Arias who plays with Saeta FC scored 14 goals in 7 games thus becoming the Top Scorer of the U-11 Youth Futsal League Fall 2016.

Peter Morris who Coached TD Soccer Academy said: “We like Futsal and our Team Won the League. This was wonderful for us and we will want to participate in the next Futsal session”. Thiago Prado who coached SAETA FC U-11 said: “I am very proud of the way the boys played, they were very good with their movement off the ball and their technical execution of their passes. It was unfortunate we didn’t score many of our chances but they created lots”.

TD SOCCER ACADEMY vs AURORA SC. The second games was an all Girls Futsal exhibition U-11 game that featured the Aurora SC against TD Soccer Girls. The scored was 2-1 for Aurora SC and the Top Scorer was Tamaret Honja who plays with Aurora SC. Head Coach Shaun Eaton had the following to say: “I love Futsal, it is an exciting game for the children. We hope as a Club to participate with more Teams in the next Futsal Youth League in Winter 2017”.

SAETA U-13 #1 vs SAETA FC U-13 #2. The third final game featured Saeta FC U13 #1  facing off against Saeta FC U13 #2.  The scored was 6-0 winning Saeta FC U-13 #2. Simon Funk who plays with Saeta FC U-13 #2 scored 4 goals to ensure a 6-0 win and the title for Saeta FC #2. Simon scored 22 goals in 7 games thus becoming the Top Scorer of the U-13 Youth Futsal League Fall 2016.

Jaime Meza, Head Coach of Saeta FC#2 said: “ Futsal is the beautiful game and children are the stars of the game. They enjoy the beautiful game of Futsal and we give them the space to make them happy. Futsal is a great skill developer, demanding quick reflexes, fast thinking, and pin point passing”.  Jerson Barandica, Head Coach of Saeta FC#1 said: It was fun to watch the kids have the opportunity to put into play everything that they have been learning in terms of their futsal decision making and their ability to play combinations in tight spaces”.

It is evident that “the beautiful game of Futsal’ will help these players enjoy and become better players of ‘the beautiful game of soccer’ ”.




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It was an all Saskatoon Futsal League final this past Friday (November 18, 2016) at the Family Focus Court of the Sasktel Soccer Centre where Olimpia F.C. and F.C. Evedan faced off.

F.C. Evedan were crowed champions after beating Olimpia F.C. in a close game that was defined with penalty shots 3-2. FC Evedan went undefeated in the League by beating out rival Teams International F.C. and Saeta F.C. to make it to the final.

F.C. Evedan’s goalie Alexander Dyachenko was the early hero of the league saving two penalties to keep F.C. Evedan as champions and making crucial saves throughout the rest of the game.  Dyachenko said: “the game was a very emotional game, we knew it would be tough”.

Finally, Anatoli Rotar scored 10 goals in 7 games thus becoming the Top Scorer of the Futsal Invitational League Fall 2016.

final inv 5