Futsal Coach COACHING DEVELOPMENT: Saskatoon Futsal League held an “Introductory Futsal Coaches Clinic” this past Friday October 28th, and it was a big success; this is the first course for coaching in  Saskatoon and all provin
ce. 13 Futsal coaching participated in this event and the Instructor was Jaime Meza-Castillo. The training consisted of in-class theory at the University of Saskatchewan and  plenty of training on the court at the Family Focus Soccer Centre. The course was exclusively for coaches participating in either the Adult or Youth Division of the Saskatoon Futsal League and the end goal was to increase the knowledge of futsal specific tactical systems that can be applied into the training systems of each group to raise the level of quality of the teams competing. we look forward to more opportunities to keep envolving the futsal knowledge within our participant teams.

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